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What new?
2003-09-04: Released Jags-0.22.1. There was an installation bug which caused jags-0.22 to bail out when it was installed in a prefix other than /usr which has been fixed in this new release. This especially prevented the rpm:s from working.
2003-09-03: Finally a new release of Jags (jags-0.22). There are tons of bugfixes + a couple of new features thanks to the work made by Anatoliy Demchishin. There are also rpm:s avaliable of this release. Go check it out! More good news: a gtk2 port of Jags is in progress.
2003-07-16: Jags still in development. Lately I have received a lot of patches from Anatoliy Demchishin fixing some bugs and implementing a couple of new features. I will release a new version of Jags as soon as those new features are properly tested.
2002-12-20: Released buxfix versions of Jags and Jagsmm.
2002-12-10: Updated the FAQ. I hope I'll be able to release a slightly updated version soon. I also hope to find some time to start working on a gtkmm2 port of Jagsmm.
2001-10-09: New website launched and first public release of Jagsmm: Jagsmm-0.1 today. Download right now!
What is Jags?
Jags - Just Another Gtk+ Samba-client, is a GUI frontend running over Samba and Smbmount using the GTK+ or Gtkmm and Gnomemm toolkits. It's easy to use and very configurable.
What is Jagsmm?
Jagsmm is an improved version of Jags made with the Gtkmm toolkit which is a C++ wrapper for Gtk+.
Need help?
Do you need help with Jags/Jagsmm? Do you have problems to compile or want to ask something in general about the program? The quickest way to get help or an answer to a question is to send a mail to dss@home.se. You may also post a question in one of my forums on the Sourceforge project page but you'll probably get much quicker response if you send a mail directely to me.
Wanna help?
Do you want to help me with Jags/Jagsmm? There is a lot of tasks I can assign to you. Mail me for more information on how you can help me.

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