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Jags is a Gtk+ based "windows network neighbourhood browser". The program parses the output from smbclient (part of the samba-package) and use this to display a graphic view of the network. This program does the parsing with help from shell- scripts. This means that it's easy to change the functionality of the program and you can edit this without touching the cource-code.
The history of this program started back in march 2000. I didn't find a working GTK+ based Windows (samba) network neightbourhood broswer. There is a nice KDE-based one (Komba) but I like GTK+ better and I want to use a browser which you can integrate with other GTK+ and Gnome applications as well as the Gnome Desktop Environment.
Another thing about most windows network browsers I've tested is the time they need to scan the network. Most of todays browsers seems to hang while they're just scanning the network. I have a simple solution on this problem and Jags will never be able to scan IP:s (if you don't add this function) like most win-network browsers out there does.
The latest version of Jags (Jagsmm) is coded in pure C++ using Gnome--, Gtk-- and a lot of standard STL:s. This means that Jagsmm should be a very stable program since using STL provides better type-safety than using regular C-pointers. As the program is when I'm writing this (2001-10-02) it works very nice for me. I use it every day on my network without problems. Of course there are some features that could be added but the program is pretty much what I had in mind when I started to work on the project.
Update: (2003-09-03)
During the summer Anatoliy Demchishin made a few patches for the good old gtk-1.2 jags. That motivated me to start the work on a gtk2 version of jags. This version will definately be what I had in mind from the beginning. Maybe even better since the widgets in gtk2 look so much better than gtk-1.2 ever did.

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